Download my portfolio (2014)

Student Projects

Please contact me further information. From September 2018, the following topics are available (download description):

  • Study of “smart material”-based medical tools
  • Industrial collaboration in micro-assembly: experimental characterization and modelling of a capillary pick-and-place tool
  • Industrial collaboration in mechanical modelling: mechanical modelling of daily activities from smartphone sensors (gyroscopes and accelerometers)
  • Break up of liquid bridge between two nonparallel surfaces
  • Instrumented nasal cast for nose-to-brain drug delivery


  • BA2 course – Mécanique rationnelle II (MECA-H-200)
  • MA2 course – Procédés de microfabrication / Microfabrication techniques (MECA-H-500)
  • MA2 course – Soft Microrobotics (MECA-H-501) [Previously Composants microtechniques]

Previous courses

  • FSRM course – Micro Assembly Using Surface Tension (Lausanne, 2010)
  • Technifutur (Technology Transfer) – Introduction to Microtechniques (2010, 2012)
  • Doctoral course – Surface Tension Effects in Microsystems (Aalto University, Summer 2013)
  • Doctoral course – Introduction to the Microrobotics Summer School (Hydromel FP7 Project, Besançon, July 2010)
  • MA2 course – Ingénierie simultanée
  • MA2 course – Machines-outils
  • MA1 course – Design Methodology (MECA-H-409)
  • MA1 course – Organes des machines
  • BA3 course – Cinématique et dynamique des machines
  • BA2 course – Exercices de mécanique rationnelle II
  • BA2 course – Exercices de technologie
  • BA1 project – Méca²r (Voitures à l’échelle du jouet propulsées par ressorts)
  • BA1 course – Mécanique générale
  • BA1 course – Exercices de mécanique rationnelle I